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Our Mission
To cultivate lives that reflect an unending hunger for God and serve His people.

Our Vision
To fulfill the great commission through authentic relationships.

Our Purpose
To reflect kingdom, not just do church.

Our Core Values

Authentic Relationships
We believe God designed us to thrive together, not alone.

Practical Biblical Teaching
We teach how the timeless wisdom of the Bible is relevant today.

Passionate Worship
We model that worship is more that just music. It's a lifestyle.

We are hungry for God’s presence.

Hungry Church was founded in January 2007 with a handful of people, a unique name and a clear mission.


Hungry's founders set out to create a ministry where people who didn’t do “church” could have an authentic encounter with God. But the church’s name wasn’t just a description. For people who felt like they had tried everything else and still hadn’t found the thing that could satisfy their soul, it was an invitation: try Jesus. 


No Perfect People Allowed


Come as you are. God will meet you right there. 


Over the years, many people have come to a life-altering knowledge of God through Hungry Church. We’ve seen lives changed, souls saved, marriages restored, addictions broken, bodies healed and more. Our church has continued to grow as people have had genuine experiences with the Lord and deepened their faith under sound, relevant Biblical teaching. And we know that’s God’s not done. We continue to strive to fulfill our mission — to represent Christ in a real way to all who are seeking.


Are you Hungry? 


We welcome you to join us at one of our high-impact Sunday morning worship experiences. Come see what all the noise is about. God will meet you here. Come hungry. 

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